A digital footprint is a unique trail of data left behind while using the internet, which can be traced back to you. Examples can include browsing history, social media activities, tagged photos, and more.  

We live in a digital world. Part of navigating your job search journey is ensuring that your digital footprint reflects you kindly. What you put on the internet lasts forever.  Potential employers will take a deep dive into your social media profiles if they are interested in inviting you for an interview or hiring you for a position. Therefore, it is imperative to your success to ensure your digital footprint will not air your dirty laundry. When it comes to cleaning up your digital footprint before beginning your job search, you should consider the following: 

Clean up your social media profiles 

While social media has many positives, it also comes with negatives. If your social media platforms are filled with blurry, late-night photos, negative opinions regarding topics related to race, religion, or politics, or derogatory comments, it is highly encouraged to delete these types of posts.  

While you want your social media platforms to reflect who you are, you also want to ensure that if someone finds your profile, they are not unimpressed. You can also consider changing your social media profiles to “private” so you can control who can and cannot see your personal profiles, such as Facebook and Instagram. 

Ensure your LinkedIn profile is updated to match the information in your resume and contains accurate and professional information about you and your job history. For more tips on your LinkedIn profile, click here

Google yourself 

We all know how powerful Google is! Celebrities are not the only people who will show up on a Google search. Search your own name, and see what information shows up. If you stumble upon unflattering information about yourself, you do not want to run the chance that it will impact the future of your career. Did you know that you can ask Google to remove information from the Internet? To do so, you will need to submit a Personal Information Removal Request form, where you will have to justify the removal. To find out more about removing your personal information from the internet, click here

Be aware of what you post 

It is best practice to be diligent about what you choose to put on the internet. Whether or not you are looking for a job, you should always be respectful, kind, and tolerant when posting or commenting on anything online. You never know who will find information from years ago, or recently, so be smart about what you share. Many people do not realize that everything and anything that you have posted can be found, and you want to ensure you are conducting yourself in a positive way. 

When you invest time, energy, and effort into your resume, and land an interview, you do not want it to all be wasted because of something you once posted on online, such as Facebook, and other social media platforms. Therefore, taking the time to investigate your digital footprint is a key component to your job search. If you have questions about your LinkedIn profile, or your resume, contact our team today