Did you know that there is data that supports when the best time is to find a new job? 

We completely understand that time is not always on your side when you need to find a job right away. While your resume plays a large roll in your success, additional tidbits of information like this can benefit you landing your dream position! 

What time of the year is best? 

According to an article by Workopolis, the best time of the year to apply for jobs is during the months of November, February, March, May, June and October. While January may seem like the best month to apply, it is also competitive since December is typically a slower hiring month for many organizations.  

On the other hand, many people assume summer is a terrible time to apply for jobs, but we would argue otherwise! While some businesses slow down during these months, others are booming. So, depending on your career path, the warmer months might be just what you need to heat up your job search! 

What day of the week is best? 

Research conducted by SmartRecruiters, found that the answer is Tuesday: 

“According to the findings, not only is Tuesday the most popular day for companies to post jobs, it’s also the day when the highest number of people apply for jobs and the most popular day to get hired.” 

Data from the same research also found that 60% of people apply for the job within the first week of the position being posted. Therefore, be sure to actively read job listings so that you can get your resume in as soon as possible. 

What time of day is best? 

SmartRecruiters discovered that 11am is the most common time for employers to post new job openings, so you may want to consider submitting your resume between 11:30am and 12:30 pm. Other job postings may be listed later in the day, around 4pm, which gives you another window to help get your resume to the top of the pile. 

Of course, we know that the job market is always hiring. So, while this information is helpful, it is not the be-all and end-all of your job search.  

No matter the time of year, or day of the week, ensuring your resume is updated and ready to be submitted is key. Examine your own field and recognize that the job market will ebb and flow. We work with clients throughout the year at crafting their personalized skills-based resume and celebrate their successes (all year long!).   

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