As life and work return to normalcy, we are curious about what the job market looks like for Albertans. Industries ebb and flow according to what is happening in the world. These changes impact those of you who are looking for a new job or career. 

The month of May offered strong numbers according to ATB’s “The Owl.” These numbers are encouraging and give insight into specific markets that are strengthening. If one of these areas is your expertise, this might be the perfect time to get your resume revamped and ready for distribution. 

Let’s summarize the statistics from “The Owl” article, Strong Job Number in Alberta in May

  • In its seventh consecutive increase, employed Albertans rose by 1.2% (a gain of 28,000). 
  • Provincial employment rate fell from 5.9 in April to 5.3. 
  • Alberta reached a new low since February 2015, seeing the number of unemployed Albertans fall to 131,600. 
  • Main contributors to the gains in Alberta included the professional, scientific, technical services, transportation, and warehousing sectors. 

It is promising to see that people are returning to the work force in many different capacities, and that the market is looking especially promising for those in the above-mentioned areas. Of course, if you do not fall into one of the sectors listed, that does not mean there are not opportunities ready to be seized. 

One of the best ways for you to be ready to apply to positions as they arise, is to be sure your resume exceeds employer standards. As the market heats up, this means that there will be more competition. We want to help you stand out from the rest.  

Rather than submitting a templated chronological resume, which looks like every other resume, choose to work with our team to build you a skills-based resume. Chronological resumes tend to list basic essentials only which make you just another applicant with the same generic history as everyone else. Our skills-based resumes capture your skills, abilities, knowledge, and experience, which the typical resume does not include. This information adds value to the reader and makes you a better choice to interview.

Keeping up on job trends, and market numbers in Alberta is extremely helpful if you are actively searching for a new position or considering doing so in the future.  

With summer officially here, many people think this is the time to pause their search and hit the ground running when fall arrives. However, job openings do not take a vacation. Therefore, we suggest you do not either! You never know when the perfect opportunity will arise, and we want to make sure you, and your resume, are prepared when that happens. 

If you have questions about your resume, please contact our team today!