With any significant job change, whether by choice or circumstances beyond your control, anxiety levels can soar. Let’s discuss some approaches to consider helping reduce job search anxiety.

Be realistic  

When searching for a job, the process can seem incredibly daunting especially if you haven’t looked for a job for many years. To help combat anxiety, try breaking the process down into smaller, more manageable steps. This can include setting attainable goals such as applying to a specific number of jobs each day, or create a list of the jobs you are highly interested in. By setting realistic goals and tasks for yourself, you will gain a sense of confidence and increase your morale by celebrating each task that you accomplish.  

Be prepared  

Consider what aspects of the job search are most anxiety inducing for you. Are you nervous about the interview process? Are you worried about your resume? Do you know about the industry and company? In many instances, working with a professional resume writer may help with the approach and reduce anxiety as we can help guide you through the process, and assist you with the things that are causing you the most stress. Often, having outside support can be just what you need to help reduce your feelings of being overwhelmed, while offering our expertise and knowledge.  

Create a routine  

It is a great idea to create a structured routine for your job search. If you are still working, set specific times outside of your workday to dedicate to your job hunt. If you are unemployed, consider your job search as your job, for now. Establish what your day looks like, including time for searching for postings, researching, applying, networking, and following up. It is also important to create clear boundaries so that your entire existence isn’t consumed by the process, which will only compound your anxiety.   

Take care of yourself  

As mentioned above, while it is important to have dedicated time to your job search, it shouldn’t consume your every waking hour. Therefore, be sure to carve out time in your day that is dedicated to the things you enjoy and help alleviate anxiety. According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise can help anxiety by releasing feel good endorphins and also serves as a way to distract your mind from your worries. 

Keep organized  

For many people with anxiety, lack of organization leads to further stress and being overwhelmed. Just as clutter in your home can increase anxiety, disorganization in the job search process can also be triggering. Therefore, be sure to keep track of tasks in a way that helps you feel less overwhelmed. You might want to consider using an app, such as JobScope, to help. Staying organized can help you feel more in control, which can help minimize anxiety.

Remember, this process can take time! Therefore, believe in the value you bring and be confident in your abilities.   

Reduce your anxiety, and give us a call. We look forward to working with you!