As we wrap up 2022, and look forward to the new year, the stress of job hunting is often amplified for many during the coming months. With January fast approaching, you may feel like you need to start the year off with a bang and find employment as soon as 2023 begins. However, while we don’t want to be negative, rejection is a normal, and common, part of the job search journey. This can take a toll on your mental health and can hinder your motivation.

Today, we would like to discuss a few ways to help cope with rejection.

Feel your feelings

The thrill of securing an interview is exhilarating. When you feel you have impressed with your resume, and excelled during the interview process, ending up not being hired may find you feeling a myriad of emotions.

From anger to disappointment, we want you to allow yourself some time to digest the rejection and recognize how you are feeling. You may want to talk with a friend or family member, journal your thoughts, or speak to a professional. The important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t spend a significant time wallowing. Give yourself a few days, and then get right back at it. While we know this can be challenging, looking forward is more beneficial than going backward.

Embrace the possibilities

After you have worked through the complexities of your emotions, a great way to move on is to look for new opportunities and possibilities. When you lose out on something that you believe to be an incredible opportunity, you can be blinded by those feelings. However, there is likely a good reason that you didn’t get this job, and the right one is waiting to be found.

After you dust yourself off, get back to reading job postings, sending your resume to potential employers, and stay connected with your network. The excitement of possibility will fuel your journey toward the path that is meant for you, and your career.

Do your research

This step is often overlooked. Research the organizations you are interested in to help ensure you are applying to work for a company that values their employees, and the culture aligns with your goals and beliefs. Take the time to find out about how the company runs, and what current and previous employees have to say about working for them. Remember to research critically and see if you begin to recognize certain patterns and common experiences. Doing your research will save you time and effort and help you to discover what you are stepping into before you apply.

Ask for feedback

While this tip may be a bit more challenging, it is certainly something you should consider. If you have the contact information of the person who interviewed you, reach out to them. You can start off with thanking them for the opportunity, and then ask them for constructive feedback. How could you have improved in the interview? What advice would they offer going forward in your job search? You may not hear back, but you have nothing to lose in reaching out. Doing this may also set you up for future openings, as they will recognize your passion and desire to improve.

These are just a few tips to help when dealing with rejection. Your resume serves as your first impression, so ensure it is ready to showcase you effectively.
As we head into the new year, make sure your resume is ready to take on 2023!