As January draws to a close, you might be contemplating a job or career change. You’re not alone in this journey! According to the Government of Canada, “Alberta has seen steady employment growth in the past two years, with employment rising by 0.3% (6,700 jobs) in December.” With this continued growth into 2024, it’s a great time to explore ways to make your professional mark. 

Focus on Your Resume 

As a professional resume writing company, we understand the importance of a standout resume. What sets us apart is our expertise in creating skills-based resumes that highlight your unique strengths and qualifications. 

Our team excels in communication, and by building trusted relationships with clients, we uncover their strengths, assets, attributes, and abilities. This information is then intricately woven into a skills-based resume, showcasing your value comprehensively. Such resumes are easily tailored to specific job postings with minimal effort. 

Moreover, ensuring your resume is Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) compliant is crucial, especially when applying to large organizations that receive numerous applications. 

Evaluate Your Online Presence 

Are you using your social media platforms to market yourself effectively? Your online presence is a vital tool for personal marketing. In today’s digital era, potential employers often research candidates on social media. Therefore, maintaining professionalism and respect in your online interactions is essential. 

“Positive personality traits showcased on your social media profiles make you an effective applicant. One negative impression could disqualify you from a position.”

Business News Daily 

Particularly on LinkedIn, keep your profile picture current, ensure your skills are relevant, and post content that is professional and on-brand. For personal social media accounts, consider setting them to private and always behave in a manner that is respectable, kind, and tolerant. Remember, what you put online can impact you in real life and have a significant impact on your success.

Follow Up 

A personalized follow-up message can significantly impact your job application.

According to an article by CNBC Make It, Jeff Hyman CEO of Recruit Rockstars, states that following up with the company over email is a fantastic way to help you stand out.

Be sure to read our blog post on this topic but while crafting this email remember to: 

  1. Identify the right contact person. 
  2. Create an effective subject line. 
  3. Draft the body text thoughtfully. 

(Note: Some companies may request no follow-ups, so always read the job posting carefully.) 

Navigating the path to professional success involves showcasing the best version of yourself.

We’re eager to assist you in making a significant impact as you continue your professional journey in 2024. Contact our team today to get started.