With January underway, if you’re job hunting, you’ve likely sent out several resumes and are anxiously awaiting an interview call. This process can initiate a plethora of emotions. It is a challenging event to face, and even more so for those who are introverted as they must step outside of their comfort zone.  

In a recent study conducted by Aerotek, over 1500 job seekers, from a variety of industries, provided insights into the mental health challenges many face during the process. 

Some of the key findings included the following: 

  • Over 70% said they felt the need to exert more than an average amount of effort to secure a job in the current economy. 
  • 67.7% reported that their current job search was more challenging than their last one. 
  • 53.6% of job seekers stated that they believed that employers have slowed down the hiring process. 
  • 74% reported that their financial situation was the same or worse when compared to the same time in 2022. 
  • Over 55% stated that the economy and job market was the largest challenge they were facing in their job search. 

No matter your personality type, it seems that the job hunt process is having an impact on the mental health of job seekers. So, today, we’d like to chat about some ways to support your mental health along the way. 

Utilize your network 

LinkedIn is an excellent resource not only for finding job opportunities but also for connecting with people in similar situations or those in your desired positions. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, talking to others about their experiences might be the boost you need. 

Other professionals are a great resource to seek out guidance and advice. People enjoy sharing their knowledge and look forward to the opportunity to help others. Remember, while it might feel like you are the only person facing challenges with your job search, as reported in the above study, that isn’t the case!  

So, meet for coffee or set up a phone call to chat. Surrounding yourself with people who support you throughout the process will help you stay motivated and feel connected.  

Set realistic goals 

While the ultimate goal is to secure an interview and a job, setting smaller, more achievable goals can make the process feel less daunting. This can include many different aspects, depending on what your priorities are, and on the industry for which you are applying.

From setting goals to how many applications you will send in a day, to the amount of time you plan to spend searching for job opportunities, having these attainable goals will help you feel more accomplished at the end of your day. 

Hire a professional   

We get many phone calls from potential clients who are at a loss as to why they aren’t getting asked for an interview. Honestly, in most cases, this comes down to your resume. Whether it is because you haven’t updated your resume in decades, are using an outdated format, the Applicant Tracking System, or are copying and pasting from a template online, your resume is your first impression. Investing in a professional resume writer may be just what you need to help get your foot in the door.  

Our team understands the challenges job seekers face throughout this process, and we are here to help. Contact us today, and let’s get started.