December has arrived! Often considered the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” it can be challenging to stay motivated during the holiday season if you are currently looking for a job. However, there are several reasons why December is an excellent month to stay the course and hit the pavement as hard as possible. Today, let’s discuss a few reasons why you should not stop your job hunt in December.

Turnover rates increase

With the end of the year approaching, many companies conduct performance evaluations during the month of December. This also means that major staffing decisions such as bonuses and promotions are announced before the start of the new year. In many instances, companies will be actively seeking to fill newly vacant positions quickly! Hiring managers are looking for individuals prior to Christmas and New Year’s to have people in place, ready to start in January.

Timing is everything

Some businesses become extremely busy throughout the holiday season and are looking for extra hands to help. While these may be entry level jobs, this is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door and make an impression that could lead to advancement. In other instances, business may slow down during the month of December. This means hiring managers may have more time and will be quicker to get back to you. If you have the contact information of someone within an industry you are interested in, consider reaching out to them during December to discuss employment opportunities.

Less competition

As we mentioned earlier, many people decide to take a break throughout the month of December. While we certainly want you to enjoy the holiday season with your friends and family, we also encourage you to spend a few hours each day to continue your job hunt. Whether it be to send emails, place or return phone calls, or work on your resume; use this time to your advantage. With fewer people on the hunt, your chances to stand out increase, giving you a competitive edge.

Perfect your resume

Your resume is the most important tool in your job search tool kit. If you are not receiving the kind of traction you should be with your resume, use this month to set yourself up for success. Consider setting up a consultation with our team to discuss your needs, and how we can help. This would also be an excellent time to network with your community: online or in person. Build your LinkedIn profile, find the perfect headshot, and build a professional portfolio to ensure you are ready for the new year.

As always, we are here to help. If you have questions regarding your resume and your job hunt, please contact our team today.