You need a Curriculum Vitae (CV) but are not sure where to start? Our team of writers will work closely with you throughout the process, answering all your questions, and alleviating any difficulty you may face while drafting the perfect CV.

Today we will discuss the CV and how our team can help you develop one.

What is a Curriculum Vitae (CV)?

A Curriculum Vitae – Latin for “course of life” – is an ‘account of a person’s education, qualifications, and previous experience, typically sent with a job application’ as Oxford Dictionary describes it. A CV is most used in the sphere of academia and includes areas such as research, science, education, and those with an academic PHD, where individuals have a significant list of accomplishments such as theses and dissertations.

Your CV should include a comprehensive look into your endeavors and achievements that are clearly outlined for a hiring manager. Since a Curriculum Vitae is an in-depth document, it can often feel overwhelming for those who need one. Where do you start? What do you include? Is all the necessary information present? Does it make you stand out from the competition?

Why Hire a Professional?

At Resumes with Results, we pride ourselves on being experts of Skills-Based Resumes, which is a perfect platform in the creation of a Curriculum Vitae. Our team is dedicated to understanding not just what our clients want, but what our clients need to achieve their career goals.

We begin our process with a consultation. During this initial meeting, our team will discuss the objectives of the client, and how best to reach them. We then custom build every resume and CV for each individual, and our writing expertise works hand in hand with the Applicant Tracking System.

It can be challenging to not only know what to include in a CV, but also how to showcase your accomplishments effectively. With our help, it does not have to be a daunting task. Our well-versed writers custom build each CV so that all achievements are effectively presented, without losing impact. We not only want the hiring manager to clearly see your value, but for you to see it as well.

At Resumes with Results, we know there are many obstacles to overcome when it comes to job-hunting. Let us take some of the stress off your shoulders. Our goal is to curate the perfect resume or CV to obtain your perfect career.

If you need an experienced CV writer, give us call. We would love to work with you.