With the ever-growing popularity of LinkedIn, it can be difficult to stand out! However, using LinkedIn as a networking and relationship building tool, whether you are currently employed or searching for work, is something you should seriously consider.  

Today, let us talk about a few ways you can highlight your personality on LinkedIn. 

Personalize your profile 

When it comes to personalizing your LinkedIn profile, it is key to keep it professional. However, that doesn’t mean you have to come across as a robot. Ensure you are asking engaging questions to your network, sharing valuable information, and showcasing your talents in your industry.  

Ensure your profile picture is current, use an eye-catching banner photo, and always update your profile information so it is relevant. Another great way to personalize your profile is to ask your connections for endorsements of skills.  

Show your interests 

While LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, there is no reason why you can not showcase the activities you enjoy doing outside of work. Whether it be running, hiking, reading, or yoga, crafting these interests often overlap with your professional network. Sharing tips, goals, and achievements that are not related to your job allows people to get to know another side of you and connect with you in a different way.  

LinkedIn is also a wonderful way to bring attention to causes and charities that are important to you. Share your volunteer experience and encourage others to get involved in the community. 

Emphasize your expertise 

LinkedIn allows for longer form posts, as well as articles, which is an excellent way to highlight your expertise in your industry. People are always looking for information that brings value and interest to their feed. Therefore, sharing your experiences is one of the best ways to not only personalize your profile, but also show others that you are a leader in your industry.  

You may also want to consider interviewing others in your network and sharing their expertise. This is a great way to grow your connections and get to know others. 

These are a few ways you can personalize your LinkedIn profile. With any social media platform, always remember to be kind, respectful, and professional. However, that does not mean you cannot have a little fun with it. If you have a LinkedIn profile that has not been used in months (or years!) it is time to dust it off and start networking. If you have questions, our team would be happy to help!