Last week, we discussed some tips on how to help introverts tackle job hunting. This week, we would like to talk to the extroverts. While social interactions aren’t a challenge, there are a few things you can consider as you search for your dream job. So, let’s discuss how you can put your best, extroverted, foot forward. 

Merriam Webster defines an extrovert as: “a person whose personality is characterized by extroversion: a typically gregarious and unreserved person who enjoys and seeks out social interaction.” In general, extroverts thrive off interactions with others. With that, it is important to understand your extroverted nature and how best to utilize it in your job search.  

Use your network 

Use your large network to your advantage. Since you enjoy connecting with others, be sure to reach out to those you know to ask for advice or tips. If you don’t know someone directly within the industry you are interested, LinkedIn is a great resource to find connections. Be sure to be genuine in your messages and look for a way to discuss how networking with one another is advantageous to both parties. 

Let your personality shine 

When it comes time for an interview, your affable nature will likely make a lasting impression. This is the opportunity to show that you are personable, approachable, and can communicate effectively. If the chance arises for you to connect with the person (or people) who is interviewing you on a personal level, use it to help build the relationship further. 

Read the room 

While we certainly want your personality to shine, it is also important to understand others. Therefore, be cognisant of those who are interviewing you. For some introverts, extroverts can be overwhelming. If you notice the interviewer is more introverted, you may want to consider dialing back slightly so that you don’t come off too strong. However, on the other hand, extroverts are often able to help make introverts feel more comfortable. Be aware of those around you, and ensure you are helping everyone feel at ease in your presence. 

Take risks 

This is the time to use your desire and ability to step outside of the box and take risks. Perhaps you have been skeptical about a certain job or aren’t sure if you will be the best fit for a position. While you care deeply about being rejected, you also want to reach beyond your comfort zone. So, take the plunge and go for it!  

Extroverts command a room. Use this to your advantage as you set out on your job search journey.  

If you have questions about your resume, and how we can best market your skills as an extrovert, contact our team today