Over the last several weeks, we have discussed a variety of topics to help you ace your next job interview. Whether it be handling difficult questions, knowing how best to reply to a common question or job interview secrets, we hope to have provided you with helpful tools to aid in alleviating some of the stress and anxiety many people face during the interview process.  

However, we are not done yet! We still need to discuss one last important topic: how do you finish the interview? 

The hard part is over. You have prepared, and successfully made it to the end of the job interview. What do you do now? The answer to this question is quite simple; but effective. 

At the end of the interview, these five words should be included in your closing statement; “Can I have the job?” This may seem blunt but trust us! If you want the position, you need to make it clear to the hiring manager. Asking up-front shows that you are not only interested, but that you are confident in your abilities to ask them to hire you. 

Now you might be asking yourself, “how do I apply this question?” It is important to be engaged with the interviewer throughout the entire process. You must be able to build a genuine connection with them and for the person interviewing you to feel the same way. Building a strong rapport throughout the process is key. Be enthusiastic, demonstrate that you are interested in the organization, the company culture, and that you share similar values and goals.  

In many cases, you may worry that this question is too pushy. Yet, when you feel like the interview has been successful, there is no harm in reaffirming your interest in the opportunity.  

It is also important to think about your closing statement, where these five words should be incorporated. For example, you can voice how you have enjoyed the interview, how you feel about the company, and how you will be a valuable member to their team. In saying this, and expressing your desire for the job, you can end in saying, “can I have the job?” You will not be punished for asking for a job that you enthusiastic for. While it may not work every single time, we challenge you to try this in your next few job interviews. 

If you believe the job is meant for you, ask for it. Asking this question should feel natural and said with confidence. Do not force the question, but make sure once you have left the interview, you do not regret not asking for the job.  

Have you used this question in a job interview? Were you successful? Find us on LinkedIn, we would love to hear your own experiences. As always, if you have questions regarding an upcoming interview, or your resume, please contact our team today!