Last week, we discussed a commonly asked question during the interview process and how best to answer it. As we continue our interview series, we want to acknowledge how nerve wracking the interview process is, no matter the job you are applying for.  

Can you imagine being interviewed by Tesla and Space X CEO, Elon Musk? Today, we want to chat more about his approach and how we can help! 

So, how does Elon Musk hire the best professionals in the World? 

In a tweet posted on Twitter by Musk on November 6, 2020, he asked applicants the following: “When sending your resume, please describe a few of the hardest problems you solved & exactly how you solved them.”  

This allows Musk to sift through a variety of applicants while also addressing the candidate’s ability to apply critical thinking. The answer to this question is not solved through a Google search as it applies to each candidate’s unique, and specific, experiences.  

He also requested for the answers to be submitted in handwriting and encouraged applicants to be personal and explanatory in their examples. The key with this genius question, is that there is no right or wrong answer. Rather, it is based on how well the question is answered, and how the candidate implements problem-solving skills. 

This type of interviewing technique can be adapted to all levels, whether it be an individual completing their post secondary education for an entry role to an executive with years of experience vying for a top position.  

This question, and Musk’s approach to hiring, is a great example of how a skills-based resume serves its purpose of showing and highlighting applicable skills. It clearly expresses all your abilities, talents, qualifications, and experiences. When using a chronological resume, you are limiting your potential to hiring managers as you are only being judged on your education and job status. A skills-based resume, on the other hand, emphasizes the applicant’s skills outside of their career. Therefore, the potential employer can recognise the true value of the applicant.  

While it is important to consider the questions that will be asked during an interview, it is also critical to remember that there is often no right or wrong answer. Many questions during the process are used to see how people can apply problem solving techniques and process information.  

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