If you are looking for a new position while currently employed this can be tricky to navigate during the interview process. There are three steps you can follow when asked the question, “Why are you leaving your current job?” 

It is best to prepare an answer ahead of time and this way you won’t go off track or overshare. To best answer this question, we suggest following the ETP model: Explain, Transition, and Potential.  

Let’s discuss each step further. 


First, you want to address the answer in a positive light. You want to demonstrate to the interviewer that you are professional and will not talk negatively about a previous company, manger, or co-workers. Keep your response honest, and to the point. When preparing your answer prior to the interview (because you know they will ask!), keep to one or two sentences, and be sure to frame it in a way that remains positive.  


Next, you want to transition away from your current job to the position for which you are applying. Use concrete examples as to why you are considering leaving your current job. For example, perhaps there is no more room for growth, or a mismatch between your strengths and your current position. Highlight how the new job is more conducive to your skills and how you will add value to the new company. Talking about the new job will help keep the conversation focused on what is most important: your value add to the position! 


Demonstrate your interest and potential for the new role based on the research you have done. Present the excitement you have for the new job and make it clear that you understand what you want and explain how you will benefit the position. For example, what are you most looking forward to in the new position and how you can help the company move to the next step. Draw on your skill set and apply it to the job you are applying for, and be sure to outline the reasons you are specifically interested in this role.

Preparing for an interview is not an easy task! However, we are certain with proper preparedness, you will succeed in nailing your next interview. As always, if you require assistance with your resume, LinkedIn profile, or preparing for your interview, please contact our team today