We have spoken previously about the importance of networking and ensuring your LinkedIn profile is current and engaging. However, did you know that completing certain steps in your profile will help increase your chances of getting noticed by potential employers? 

Here are a few steps you can follow to optimize your LinkedIn Profile: 

Add a professional profile picture 

Your photo is an important first impression, so you want to put your best face forward! When it comes to your profile picture on LinkedIn, you want to ensure it is professional. While it would be worth the investment to hire a professional to snap some headshots, we understand that isn’t an option for everyone. So, keep in mind that bright lighting, clearly showing your face, and having a clean and polished background is key. 

Considering LinkedIn users who include a photo will receive 21X more profile views than those who do not, you certainly want to include one! 

Write a captivating headline 

The key here is to write a sentence that explains your value to employers. You want to stand out from your peers, and generate traffic interested in learning more about you. Therefore, you want to use some creativity rather than choosing something boring and generic. 

Include keywords 

LinkedIn Search plays a key role in how often you show up in searches. For this reason, you want to use relevant keywords in the about section. We suggest you look at many different job descriptions and select the words that come up most often. When crafting your ‘About’ section, open with your value add, concrete examples of experiences, and then close with the opportunities you are seeking. 

Add your skills 

It is easy to add skills to your profile. However, endorsements of these skills are where you will stand out. Choose five strong skills, add them to your profile, and then ask for friends, colleagues, or other connections to endorse those skills. 

Customize your URL 

Customizing your LinkedIn URL will help you show up in more searches. It also makes it easier for your profile to be found by potential employers. You can edit your LinkedIn URL by clicking on “Edit Public Profile & URL” on your personal LinkedIn profile page. 

95% Of Recruiters Are On LinkedIn Looking For Job Candidates


It is important to know that LinkedIn is used often by recruiters, making your LinkedIn profile more important than you may realize. In many instances, they may seek out candidates for positions without posting the position publicly. You never know who, or when, someone might be headhunting you online! Therefore, it is vital that your LinkedIn profile makes an impactful first impression.

These are a few key steps to ensure your LinkedIn profile is optimized, which will help you get noticed. However, if you have questions or are not sure where to start, our team is here to help.