There are a few factors that one must consider in order to find that perfect fit. Your first task is to verify that who you speak with is an actual resume professional. Are they a licensed business? Are you able to meet in person? Are you able to review the final product before paying? The next hurdle to overcome is to decide if your primary goal is basing your choice of resume on cost or quality. If your first question is “How much does a resume cost?” then you want to hire a typist to implement your information into a document and call it a resume and then hope no one with a better resume applies to the same jobs. A true professional is a seasoned veteran in marketing careers and does not work for less than minimum wage. A true resume professional understands that this is an artistic science and charges a fair price for quality work. In fact, a highly qualified writer can turn out a superior resume for less investment than a lesser qualified person can create. Words are cheap but results are priceless.