When hiring a professional resume writing service, there are several factors to consider. One factor to be aware of is additional costs, or hidden fees. When you work with Resumes with Results, your cost only includes the product, which is the resume. Additional support, services, and resources are free.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t upsell, or consider our work complete simply because we have delivered your resume. Our relationship with our clients continues long after the fact, and we are here to support you whether it be one week, one month, or one year after you have received your skills-based resume.

Our goal is to assist you in addressing any employment related concerns to help you succeed. These can range from assistance with a cover letter, how to tackle the application process, to tips regarding salary negotiations.

Let’s discuss a few of the most common services we supply at no extra cost:

  1. Submission Process: We offer our clients many insights into this process and how to make it more effective. Most are unaware that, for a variety of reasons, over ninety-five percent of all online applications get filtered directly to trash.
  2. Cover letters: We assist in the creation of proper cover letters as this is a topic largely misunderstood.
  3. Letters of Reference: We help to obtain a proper letter of reference from a potential author.
  4. Interviewing: Many clients find this process intimidating and seek advice on many topics which have included dress, deportment, salary negotiations or how to handle difficult questions.
  5. LinkedIn Profile: LinkedIn is your best tool to draw attention to the value you can bring into an organization. It can often be a company’s first look at your talents before seeing a resume and you want them to be impressed enough to contact you as a first step in the recruitment process.

As we often speak with human resourcing professionals in the major industries, we try to maintain a finger on the pulse of employment standards and trends.

We realize you may not require some of the items mentioned above, but we have a large pool of resources available to address any matter you may require information or assistance with, and no hidden fees.

It is important to understand what you are getting when you hire a professional resume writing company. In many instances, free does not mean no additional costs! Be sure to ask the appropriate questions, do your research, and hire the best writer for the job.

If you have questions, require assistance with any of the topics covered in our blog, or another topic related to your job search, please contact us today!