Movement up the career ladder can often be overwhelming. At times it can feel like you don’t know where to begin and you might be wondering how you can make an impact on those around you. However, it doesn’t have to feel this way! Today, we want to offer five tips to help secure an executive level position.

Be a strong leader

Before seeking an executive level position, get involved and find projects that include other teams within the organization. Educate yourself about all aspects outside of your immediate department. Meet with the leaders in other areas, and look for opportunities to help problem solve, strategize, and build connections that can benefit you both in your current role, and in a promoted position. Use any opportunity to learn and grow from other executives and show your interest in better understanding their roles.

Be a mentor

Mentorship is about teaching. This means it is important for you to understand how your profession works in all aspects so that you can teach your team how things work and why you approach things a certain way. Having a strong knowledge will enable you to articulate processes and procedures to others. You not only need to be good at what you do, but also be able to mentor others to be successful. Pass on your knowledge. Start learning the models of the organization and understand them so that you can communicate them effectively.

Be of value

How can you add value to those you work with? How can you benefit the executives? How can you showcase your expertise and knowledge? You can achieve this by seeking out more responsibility. When looking to move from a management position to an executive position, you want to exceed expectations.

How can you make the jobs of others easier? What can you do to take initiative and make a significant difference? For example, is there something you can implement to help save the business money? Do you have connections that could lead to securing a new client? These are the things you want to start thinking about as you decide to move into a higher position.

Be visible

In many instances, employees feel that their work should speak for itself. While this is certainly beneficial, when seeking an executive position, you want to make your presence known within the company or organization. Therefore, look for opportunities to voice your opinions, ask meaningful questions during meetings, and don’t be afraid to reach out to other leaders within the company if you have something valuable to add. While you don’t want to be overbearing, or overstep, consistently showing up, and having a strong voice will not only show your knowledge, but it will keep you top of mind with those you work with.

Be certain

Moving up to an executive position is a serious promotion, and one that you want to be sure of. Do your research regarding the position, and what the expectations are. This might mean arranging a meeting with other executives in your network, or within your current organization. Talk to your trusted friends and family to determine what taking a new role will look like, and how that will impact those around you. Once you have done your research, you will be equipped to make an educated and informed decision.

Of course, when the time comes that you have decided to pursue an executive position, you will want to ensure your resume is up to the task! If you have questions regarding your resume, and how our team can help you move up the corporate ladder, give us a call.