As we wind down another year, many people begin reflecting on the past 12 months. With 2023 on the horizon, you might be considering a change in your life, either personally or professionally. You may also be feeling unrest about where you are currently and are considering your options. When we begin to feel stuck in our career, it can be frustrating and often overwhelming. Today, we would like to discuss a few things you can do to help get un-stuck and start moving forward.

Check in with yourself

It is easy to simply sit back and say, “I am stuck.” However, there is much more to this feeling. It is up to you to do some deep thinking and soul searching to uncover what is happening in your current role that is making you feel this way.

Make a list of things you like and the things you dislike about your job. How do you feel walking into the office in the morning? Do you feel valued? Are you challenged? As you begin to uncover what is causing you to feel stuck, it is much easier to evaluate what you do, and don’t, want in a job. Perhaps you have a passion that is being underutilized in your current role that you want to explore further. Or the environment in which you work no longer aligns with your goals.

While challenging, self reflecting and discovering what is causing this feeling will help you discover what exactly you want going forward.

Talk to your boss

If you can have an open conversation with your boss about how you are feeling, and what you are lacking in your current position, do so. You may be able to work together to find a more fitting position or discuss how your role could shift to accommodate what you need.

Having a strong relationship built on respect with senior management is ideal, but we know it is not always the case. If management is part of the cause of your feelings, you may decide that speaking with them isn’t an option.

Understanding the root of your feelings will help you decide which course of action is best, while allowing you to effectively articulate what you want.

Use your network

We speak quite often about the importance of building a network, either online or in person, with likeminded individuals. Utilize these connections to uncover further what will help you feel unstuck. Perhaps it is arranging having a coffee with someone you respect and whom you value their advice. Maybe it is a phone call with someone who works in a position you find promising, and you would like to chat more in depth.

Reach out to those you know are hiring or ask if they know organizations looking to hire. Putting yourself out there can be a challenge. However, when you have spent time and effort building these relationships, put them to good use when needed!

Your feelings are valid, and it is common to feel stuck in your career. If you are thinking about a career change, and it is time to revamp your resume, we would love to help you.