At Resumes with Results, we look over thousands of resumes, and work with a variety of clients. One question people are often asking is, “what is the right career path for me?” While we are experts in our field, and are happy to offer our advice, this is truly something that only you know how to answer. Only you know what fuels your passion and will fulfill you professionally.

Today, let’s chat about a couple questions you should ask yourself to help choose the career path you want!

People love to tell you what they think you should be doing. Whether it be family or friends, or people you barely know, you will always be faced with those who think they know what career would be best for you. However, while you can consider guidance from others, it is important that you choose a path that suits your needs and goals.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Which job or career will help me grow the most?

When reviewing your choices, which career will help challenge you and encourage growth? If you are considering one job where there is less opportunity to advance, and another one which will encourage you to do so, you need to evaluate if that matters to you. Some individuals do not want to be pushed out of their comfort zone, while others thrive. You may be scared about uncertainty and gravitate towards something more familiar and less daunting; or you may appreciate being challenged. No matter which one you prefer, only you know where you will find the most growth.

Which job or career will fulfill me the most?

In many instances, you may need to decide between two or more options. Asking yourself which choice will fulfill you professionally is a helpful question to ask yourself. If you are unsure, write down all the career paths that appeal to you. Then, number them in the order of how they make you feel. Having this visual will help you uncover what is important to you and will lead you in the right direction. You will see a clear path that you want to take.

What do you NOT want?

Often, people make a list of pros and cons, where they weigh out and rule their options based on the pros. We, however, suggest you consider thinking about the things that you DO NOT want. In many instances, we make our choices based off what seems immediately appealing, without considering the negatives associated with that choice. This can often result in the feeling of failure when things do not turn out as we expected. So, sit down, and write out all the things you do not want in a career or job. In doing this, the negatives are removed, which means you are more likely to settle on a more suitable path.

Following these steps will also help you during the interview process. You will know exactly why you want the job and will understand how you will be an asset to the company.

Once you discover what you want, our team can help guide you toward success in your chosen career. Whether writing your resume, or offering LinkedIn expertise, we are here to support you, and help you reach your goals.