We are sure you have seen it plastered all over websites and social media platforms; resume writing professionals that guarantee you can secure a job interview or employment when you hire them to write your resume. But job searchers beware! This is a red flag you should be on the lookout for! 

While our goal is to help you reach your career objectives successfully, we can not (and will not) guarantee that you will get hired or invited for an interview. That is beyond our control and there are far too many moving parts in terms of successfully landing a job interview and, in turn, securing employment.  We may be expert wordsmiths, but we are not mythical creatures.

At Resume with Results, we do things much differently than the “competition”. Over the last 36 years, we have built many lasting relationships that are rooted in trust, quality, and customer satisfaction.  It is easy to be sucked into the trap of guarantees.  It also is not fair to the client and creates a sense of false hope which does not help cultivate genuine relationships.  False guarantees also lead to disappointment and feelings of inadequacy when the phone does not immediately start ringing after you submit your resume.  

Do not be fooled by false promises and grandiose statements by others. Our job is to create a superior resume that markets the best of your abilities and one that you are confident in handing out to potential employers. So, while we cannot guarantee a job or interview, we will guarantee that when you work with us, you will receive our absolute best.  We do things differently because we are different. Contact us today!