When faced with the question, “what do you want to do with your life?”, we are often left with the feelings of being overwhelmed and uncertainty. With so many choices available, it can feel like you might never know exactly what you want to achieve professionally.  

In our many years of working with clients and in our own professional endeavours, we have found that asking what you don’t want can guide you in the appropriate direction. Let’s dive a bit more into this tactic and how it can help your job search journey. 

When we sit with our clients to uncover their goals and their desired path, it is extremely helpful to focus on what they didn’t enjoy about a previous role. Understanding what gives you energy versus an energy drain can be beneficial for your future decisions. For example, if you are an accountant, and the thought of doing one more tax evaluation makes your eye twitch, this is a great indicator of a road you don’t wish to travel down.  

Do a retrospective on your career to identify your energy vampires. Make a list of the things you liked and didn’t enjoy in your previous roles to give you a visual of what is important to you in future positions.  

“This will give you insight into what you might want to do in the future and what you may want to avoid. Consider not just what you did in the role but also the team, management style, and even company culture and values.”

Sarah Doody, CNBC 

A Fast Company Article suggests trying the NYU Career Tracks exercise. With this exercise, you are encouraged to bookmark jobs that appeal to you and spend some time going through each one to identify commonalities among your lists.  

  • Do they link up with existing interests or are they leading you toward different ones?  
  • Requirement of skills, education and expertise. 
  • What are you drawn to and why?  
  • Roles you aspire to achieve. 

The idea is to help you uncover your true passions and find a path that will help you pursue them. It’s common to feel the need to change something about your role or career but struggle with identifying exactly why or what.  

This is why we suggest that you try to understand exactly why you are seeking change, and what specifically you want to change to help find a future role suited to those needs. Once you discover what is no longer serving you, you will be better able to recognize those needs going forward. 

Personality tests can also be helpful to determine certain personality traits and help discover whether you are suited for the position and if you will be successful in the role. 

We understand that changing careers or pursing another role can be overwhelming. If you have questions, we would love to help. Contact us today and let’s figure out together what you don’t want. Resumes With Results professionals are experts in writing skills-based resumes and we can craft a resume that is built off the qualifications and skills of the individual.