Over the last few blog posts, we have discussed the different layers of writing resumes depending on your level of work experience. Today, we want to address individuals who have been working professionally and are looking to change careers. Or, for those who have taken time off work and are now looking to re-enter the workforce. 

In most of these circumstances, people find themselves asking the question, “how do I market myself?” It can seem overwhelming, but we want to assure you that using skills-based resumes, can help overcome these challenges

Are you are looking to switch from labour to desk work? Perhaps, you have retired from the military, or are a parent who is ready to return to work? These are just a few examples of situations where a skills-based resume will help to uncover the abilities you possess, and effectively market you to the world!  

You may not realize the applicable skills you gained in previous positions, or jobs in a different industry than what you are currently seeking. Most people have been taught that the only way to write a resume is to simply list out all the jobs you have had. However, these types of chronological resumes do not serve you in finding a new career or position in today’s human resourcing.

Chronological resumes draw attention to specific gaps of time, or changes in your resume. One of the many benefits of choosing a skills-based resume is that they do not hide information. But instead focus on what you can do rather than what you have not done. Skills-based resumes recognize your value, and, therefore, the organization will see that as well. 

We often hear, “I do not have any skills!” This is because of the greater focus chronological resumes put on hard skills. When changing careers or rejoining the workforce after a hiatus, this can be a detrimental setback to your success. When we consult with our clients, we want to know about your abilities as well as your work experience, to craft a resume that highlights both your hard and soft skills.  

Our team of writers have experience in writing resumes for a variety of clients, in a wide range of industries. We also have firsthand expertise in many of these job positions, which enables us to have a clear picture of expectations. This allows us to market you to organizations in the best way possible.  

No matter your level of work experience, it is important to consider what you have done, how that has added to your experience, and how it will be of value to potential employers. We will help you be confident in the skills you have always had, to show that you are a well rounded and motivated candidate. 

As we have now entered our 38th year in career marketing, we look forward to meeting our future clients and the opportunity to explain how career marketing has changed drastically over a short period of time and why algorithms and software is now the new Human Resourcing.  Let us show you how we can take you from the present into the future.