Changing your career can be a daunting, but exciting time in your professional life. When committed, you should prioritize revamping your resume, and ensure that it showcases your skills effectively. However, it’s easier said than done; especially if you do not have a related title in your work experience.  


Here are four rules of thumb to follow as you embark on your journey towards a new career. 

Emphasize your transferable skills 

Despite not having direct experience in the industry, you will most definitely have skills that will apply to your new career. Become familiar with the company or organization, carefully read the job description, and then emphasize relevant skills that you posses that demonstrate why you would be an excellent fit to the position. You can include volunteer experience, or other non-work-related skills that are applicable. Be creative, and market yourself as someone who is an ideal candidate for the position. 


Be the solution 

When applying for a job, you will be competing against many other applicants. Differentiate yourself by identifying what the employer is looking for and describe how you will be part of the solution. Draw on your relevant skills and successes to show the hiring manager how your job experience will fit in with their culture, values, and environment. Do not let them wonder how you can help; tell them loud and clear. 


Keep to specifics 

We know it can be hard to narrow down your skills and expertise. Instead of trying to add everything, only include those that best suit the job you are applying for. While you do not want to leave important information off your resume, you also do not want to include information that is neither useful nor unrelated to the position. Again, read the job posting carefully and outline the skills they are searching for.  


Trust your network 

While reading the job listing and researching the organization is important, you can take this one step further. Do you know someone in the industry in which you are looking to break into? Do you know someone who works for the company you are applying to? Reach out to these people to find out as much as possible about the organization, as well as the position. This will help with your resume, and down the road if you are successful in landing an interview. Use the resources available to you to find out as much as you can, and how your skills translate to the position.


The decision to change careers can be daunting. Do not let your resume hold you back. If you need help writing a resume that will garner results, contact our team of resume professionals today.