When you are climbing the corporate ladder, are satisfied with your career, and happily living your professional life, you likely are not giving your resume a second thought. In most instances, the only time people consider writing, or updating, a resume is when they are actively seeking a job. However, this should not be the case. Your resume is something that should be updated on a regular basis, whether or not you are actively seeking employment.

Consider you have been working for a company for several years. Over these years, you have developed a whole new skillset, and have gained valuable experience. Does your resume reflect all that you have accomplished over that time? If you answered no, then continue reading!

Getting a promotion

When you have accepted a new position and have become proficient in this position, it is then time to update your resume to reflect the new skills, abilities, knowledge, and experience, and then file the updated resume with HR. Now your updated information is at their fingertips when they wish to seek internal personnel to fill an upcoming position.

This is often the case before they post a job to be filled on the net. Give your resume to Human Resources so that way they have the most current resume available for reference. As well, going above and beyond will also prove you are ready for promotion, even if you weren’t aware of advancement. You want to ensure the resume on file always reflects your value.

Unexpected changes

While we do not want to be negative, it is also a good idea to keep your resume updated in the event that you need to seek employment unexpectedly. Having a well-crafted resume at the ready means that, if needed, you can hit the ground running and start submitting your resume as quickly as possible.

Just as trends, technology, and business practices change, so should your resume. It’s important that your resume makes a lasting first impression. If you have an existing resume, an expert can help to define what you need to include, how to format, and highlight keywords that will lead to a well-crafted resume.

Our team will update your resume with a unique style, modern font choice, and consistent headings and subheadings. At Resumes with Results, we never use a template. This is key to ensuring your resume does not look like the rest. Our team of wordsmiths will craft a resume that is catered to you, and your objectives.

Have questions about your existing resume? We would love to work with you! Contact our team today, and let’s get started.