Whether you have been out of the work force for an extended amount of time, are changing careers, or looking for something new; ensuring your resume stands out is key to securing an interview.

Today, let’s discuss five reasons why you should have a resume professional review your resume.

Time to update

If you’ve had the same job for several years, it’s likely that your resume needs to be updated. Just as trends, technology, and business practices change, so should your resume. It’s important that your resume makes a lasting first impression. An expert can help to define what you need to include, how to format, and highlight keywords that will lead to a well-crafted resume.

Evolution of experience

The experience you have gained is incredibly valuable. Make sure your resume reflects your updated skills and expertise. A professional writer can help articulate your current goals and talents, so your potential employer understands exactly what you bring to the position you are applying for.

To include, or not to include

A significant challenge when writing your resume is determining what information should be included. For example, how far back should your job experience go? Should you include your volunteer experience? Depending on the job, a professional can help determine what information is critical, and what information is no longer needed or relevant. They will also take a close look to ensure you haven’t missed important details.

Fill in the gaps

Every situation is different, and every individual is different. Therefore, your situation may include some gaps of time where you weren’t employed. Whether it be for personal, health, or other reasons, an expert can provide advice on how best to resolve your situation and help fill in those gaps with ease.

Words are key

Today, most resumes are submitted electronically. This means that before a human reviews it, companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to increase efficiency. An ATS will scan resumes, picking up on specific keywords and criteria. This allows recruiters to focus on the top-ranking candidates. While this is an efficient service, it is not always accurate. In some instances, qualified individuals can be overlooked due to the lack of relevant keywords. A professional can work with you to ensure these keywords are included and let your resume shine in front of the hiring manager.

We want you to stand out. Our talented team will create your new resume and get you noticed. Contact us today, we can help.