Several of our blog posts have talked about resumes and the important role they play in your job searching journey. We also discuss the different ways in which our team approaches resumes, and how outdated, chronological resumes are in their effectiveness.

In a recent article from CNBC, The old-fashioned resume may no longer be the tool for hiring a more diverse teamthe story leads to an interesting discussion about the role in which resumes play.  

Khyati Sundaram’s, a trained Economist states, “Resumes have become increasingly redundant as recruiters look for certain things and these shortcuts become a breeding ground for biases.” While we do believe that many professional resume writing companies offer template designs and simply cut and paste information into a document, our skills-based resumes, which we pioneered in Alberta, are anything but redundant.

At Resumes with Results, we believe in the approach of discovering your unique goals and then fostering a resume that accurately outlines your skills. We don’t believe that one resume fits all, and that is why ensuring each client is catered to individually, is critical to our process. What works for one job posting, won’t work for another.

Daniel Chait, the CEO of the recruitment software company Greenhouse states, “I think the days of a hiring manager looking at a couple of resumes and saying ‘yes, hire this one’, that’s not it anymore. The resume is almost like a business card for a jobseeker.” And we agree.

It is imperative to ensure that you are working with professionals who not only understand the industry for which you are applying to, but also understand career marketing. This is us. Since we do not use templates, and work hand in hand with our clients, our goal is to clearly state what makes you an ideal employee and why you should be hired. We do not want your resume to fall victim to the black hole of generic, uninteresting, and unimpressive resumes.

When you hire Resumes with Results, you hire a team that provides the best service and product. We do not take shortcuts, and we stand behind each resume we write. Our talented writers are well versed in a variety of industries, which works to our (and your!) advantage when crafting your resume.

There are many professional resume writers available for hire. However, we encourage you to give us a call, and find out exactly why our company holds the reputation as leading qualified Career Marketing Professionals. We look forward to working with you!