When running a successful resume writing business, our top priority is to build trust with our clients. As a licensed business, it is also important to us to keep you safe; especially online. Unfortunately, there are scammers that exist to prey on those who are unaware or uneducated. Today, we want to discuss a few red flags when it comes to resume writers and online job postings, to help avoid being scammed.

Be cautious of where you post your resume

According to the Edmonton Police Service, scammers will create a realistic online presence to help sell their scam. This means, that when applying or having your resume open to the public, people can access your information. In doing this, you make it easier for scammers to steal your information and use it in ways you never intended.

If possible, we suggest you submit your resume directly to the company through their website, or to a person within the company through email. We also suggest you do your research on the company to ensure the posting is legitimate. It is also a good idea to follow these steps in order to ensure you are not taken advantage of.

Never pay upfront

We have discussed this topic before, but it is important to mention it again! When hiring a professional resume writing company, never pay the full fee upfront. In some instances, businesses will demand payment right away. If the company is in fact a scam, your losses are not limited to the fees you have paid; they can also include loss of time, loss of privacy, and you can be left feeling taken advantage of.

Research the company

With a plethora of choices for professional resume writers, it can be overwhelming. It is important not to hire the first company you discover, or the one with the lowest price. If an offer seems too good to be sure, it usually is. Therefore, do your research to help avoid being scammed!

Ensure the company is legitimate, check online reviews, check their website, and check their social media. Scrutinize your correspondence with them, typically grammatical or spelling errors are present when dealing with scammers. You may want to request to meet the contact; even a virtual call can be very telling, to ensure you are dealing with a real person.

One of the best ways to determine if the business is legitimate is to check with the city to see if they possess a business license. It is also good practice to confirm how long they have had their licence.

Your success in finding a job is our priority, and so is your safety. Complete your due diligence and work with a company that you know and trust, to avoid being scammed. If you have questions, or would like to speak with us directly, please contact us today.