Has your resume not seen the light of day for several years, or even decades? Perhaps you are considering a career change or find yourself unemployed. Whatever the reason, it is always a good idea to update your resume and have it polished for the present. Today, we will cover a few resume practices you want to avoid, ensuring your resume does not look and sound like it is stuck in the past.

Consider your introduction

The old-fashioned introduction often included what your objective is. However, this is not only outdated, but it is no longer effective in catching the attention of hiring managers. While it is important that you understand what your career objectives are, your resume should reflect the value you will add to the position and what you can do for the organization to which you are applying for. Consider your unique skill set and how best you can market yourself for the position. This is much more effective and valuable than simply stating your objective.

Market your skills

The main role of a resume is to market yourself in such a way that you improve your opportunity to secure an interview. Therefore, it is key to share proof of your past success through your skill set and proven results. Our skills-based resumes are sure to breathe new life into your outdated, chronological resume. Sell your value, not just your work experience.

Consider content

Outdated statements and outdated content inclusions are no longer needed on your resume in 2021. Do not include, “References Available Upon Request.” Hiring managers are aware that, and if needed, they can request this information. Including this statement is a waste of space. A better choice is to obtain letters of reference. The primary reason is contacting individuals can be time consuming; they may be unavailable and at times, impossible to contact. To eliminate the loss of time, having letters of references will always take precedence over verbal references when disbursing a resume for application.

Strategize your style

Just like curb appeal is important when selling your home, your resume should catch the eye of the hiring manager. Update your resume with a unique style, modern font choice, and consistent headings and subheadings. However, remember to always present a polished and professional document. At Resumes with Results, we never use a template. This is key to ensuring your resume does not look like the rest. Our team of wordsmiths will craft the perfect resume that is catered to you, and your objectives.

We will update your resume! Contact our team and bring your resume into 2021.