When crafting your resume there are many things to consider. From content, and formatting, to beating Applicant Tracking Systems, there can be an overwhelming amount of information. This is one of the many reasons why people choose to hire a professional resume writer to help with the process.

It is imperative that you include the necessary information, while ensuring you make a successful first impression to help put your resume above the rest.

State your qualifications

Your qualifications will give hiring managers an overview of why you possess the pivotal requirements needed to fulfill the position. Therefore, include your degree and/or certifications as well as your years of experience, and accomplishments. Customize your resume to each job posting and don’t include things simply for the sake of padding it with unrelated information. One of the many benefits of a skills-based resume is that they highlight your skills, abilities, knowledge, and experience, which clearly show why you are qualified for the job.

Show your accomplishments

Rather than simply stating what you have done, it is important to show hiring managers your accomplishments. Evidence and concrete examples of what you achieved in your previous roles is a key to success. Since employers want to see how you will contribute to their organization, be sure to use examples that apply to the position for which you are applying.

Know your value

While employers want to find the best candidate for the job, they are also seeking someone who will fit within the culture of the organization. Therefore, when writing your resume, don’t only take into consideration the skills you possess, but show the value you bring to their business. This is also why researching potential employers is key; to better understand their vision and what they want in an employee.

There are many other factors to consider when writing your resume. We would love to invite you for a consultation to discuss how we can help make sure your resume checks all the necessary boxes