Applying for a job and submitting your resume can often feel like a daunting process. Crafting a keyword-rich resume that appeases Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and ensuring it successfully markets your skills and abilities can be challenging. In today’s post we will expose some bad advice about “hacking” an ATS with white text in your resume and why we recommend not following it. 

What is the white font hack? 

The white font hack (commonly referred to as “white fonting”) has made its rounds on social media. The “hack” works by embedding relevant keywords into your resume in white text on a white background to hide the keywords within the document, making them invisible when printed or when viewed on a screen. However, they will still be read by ATS software. The goal is to help boost your resume to include more keywords to increase your chances of getting through ATS systems. 

Repercussions of white fonting 

While white fonting might seem appealing, it is important to consider the repercussions: 

  • Ethical concerns: White fonting is deceitful and removes any transparency and trust you are attempting to build with a potential employer. While trying to outsmart the ATS software, you run a significant risk of burning bridges within the industry. It is also a dishonest way to begin your relationship with a business or organization that you wish to work for. 
  • Damage to your reputation: When seeking employment, your reputation speaks volumes. You want to put your best foot forward. White fonting runs the risk of being caught trying to game the system, likely damaging your reputation. 
  • ATS Software updates: As technology constantly evolves and changes, ATS software continues to expand. As ATS becomes more sophisticated, it may be able to detect white font, rejecting your resume immediately. This can have devastating consequences to your reputation and your chances to secure a position going forward.  

“Candidates need to know that their white text may not be hidden. Sometimes applicant tracking systems will input sections of a resume into the application. If it does that, the text will no longer be white, meaning the recruiter may see whatever you pasted into your resume if you don’t edit it.”

The Washington Post 

If you are caught using white fonting, this sends an immediate red flag to hiring managers. Not only does it risk showing that you lack transparency and honesty, it also can suggest that you aren’t confident in your resume, your skills, and your value. 

Seek the help of professionals 

Rather than attempting hacks like white fonting, consider enlisting the help of professionals. When you have a resume that you are proud to submit, you don’t need to stoop to utilizing gimmicks. Resumes with Results has a vast knowledge of industry-related keywords and knows how to strategically and effectively weave these into your resume. As career marketers, we help your resume showcase you in the best way possible. We will also format your resume so that is appeals to both the ATS and the human eye.

If you would like to speak to our team about your resume, contact us today. We will rely on our vast experience and knowledge rather than the latest hack or trend.