The Great Resignation is an ongoing economic trend where employees have voluntarily resigned from their jobs. As more and more people discover certain aspects of their career no longer serve them, they are seeking to pursue new or diverse opportunities. This is the perfect time for employees to polish off their resume or have a new one crafted.

If you are seeking to stay within your current organization, but desire a raise, more benefits, or a promotion, this is the time to sit down with one of our team members and discuss how we can help. Updating your resume is always recommended, but especially in our current career climate.

Using our skills-based resume, we can revamp yours to show your accomplishments, achievements, and recognitions, which is something chronological resumes do not. You are then armed with a top-notch resume that will educate your superiors about what you have achieved professionally in your current position as well as what you have done for the company.

An article titled, Great Resignation or Great Redirection?, states we spend a third of our waking lives at our full-time jobs, but now, we are starting to rethink this approach. “These people are reconstructing their lives and placing more importance on families, friends and their passions. They are realigning their values and priorities.”

With people realizing the possibility of working from home, working less hours, or avoiding burn out, many individuals are open to options they likely did not consider prior to the pandemic.

Are you considering leaving your position to pursue another opportunity? We can help! Just as we can showcase your career achievements with a skills-based resume for those who are looking for advancement within a company, the same can be done for those looking to pursue other professional endeavours.

Your resume is one of the best marketing tools you have. It is important to ensure you are highlighting your skills effectively to help you achieve your career goals.

What are your thoughts on the Great Resignation? Is this something you have considered? We would love to hear your thoughts and/or experiences. Find us on LinkedIn and let us know!