Can you categorize your skills, accomplishments, rewards, and accolades? Can you limit your career to the confines of a box? You likely said ‘no’. Today, we touch on fixed categories, and why you should be wary of any resume writing company that relies on templated resumes and packages.  

Prior to having a conversation on your needs and background, many of our competitors will offer packages such as Gold, Silver, and Bronze at varying price points, with additional services a surcharge. This forces you to choose a category and submit payment before moving forward. This is problematic for several reasons. At Resumes with Results, we do not believe, nor offer, fixed packages for our resume writing services. 

Consultation is key 

As resume writers, our goal is to portray you in your best light. If a resume writing company is structured within packages, and you are to stay within its limits, will the resume writing company accurately capture everything you are capable of? For instance, we often get asked to provide potential clients with an example of the resumes we write. However, this is impossible since each resume we craft is unique and specifically catered to the individual. There is no copy and pasting of information, and we prioritize the valuable content that is included in your resume.

You cannot fit into a single category 

When assigned a category, you are restricted by the limited information provided in the resume. For example, if the template you have purchased is one page in length, and your skills and accomplishments will easily fill two pages, important content is being struck from your resume. This adds no value to you or your resume. Since we do not have template designs, your resume length is whatever is needed to ensure all vital information is included.  

Stand out from the crowd 

We are unique, and so is your resume. Therefore, if you hire a company that offers fixed categories, your resume will look and sound the same as others. When you collaborate with our team of wordsmiths, we assure you that your resume will stand out from the rest, and it will be catered to your goals and objectives (which we discuss in our initial consultation!). Because everyone’s background and experience is different, it is impossible to assign you a category as this limits your opportunity to truly differentiate yourself. 

Look out for upselling 

When categories are fixed, you have no flexibility to choose your needs. Rather, you are being told what they think you need, and the overall goal is to upsell you to purchase additional services. Since packages have a fixed price, when you require further assistance, there will be an added cost. Resumes with Results only charge for the resume. All other services are included in that price. We strive to build relationships with our clients and wish to see you succeed. You are not a transaction to us. 

Our team has vast knowledge of many industries, and this experience enables us to customize your resume. Be careful when hiring other resume writers, as they may not have the same level of expertise and will only work with the information provided by the client. Our wordsmiths not only understand the intricacies of many positions, but we write each resume to ensure it is ATS friendly. Both of which are incredibly important. 

Say “NO!” to fixed categories! We understand that your experience cannot be limited. Because our consultation is so important, we invite you to contact us to discuss your goals. We will not put you into a box, but rather open up your opportunities for employment.