Leonardo da Vinci is credited with the first resume in history, written about 1481–1482 to a potential employer. In it, he apparently listed his inventions as a means of detailing his past “work” experiences. Why this is interesting is even though the chronological resume has undergone many face lifts over the centuries, it still fails to address the primary needs of the ever evolving employment world. There was a time when a person’s work history was more than enough to warrant an interview, but not anymore. The failure here is that even today’s chronological resumes may give an excellent account of what a person has done in previous jobs but it was never designed to promote what a person is capable of doing beyond the limits of the resume pages. Chronological resumes are dying a slow death and resumes built on the foundation of knowledge, experience, skills and abilities are rapidly changing the face of human resourcing. This blog is about your future, not your past.