A quick Google search will uncover a plethora of resume writing companies available to hire. However, not all resume writers are created equal. It is key to be diligent in who you choose to work with regarding your resume and your job search journey. 

Resumes with Results pioneered the skills-based resume almost 40 years ago. While there are other companies who claim to craft these types of resumes, Resumes with Results is committed to producing high-quality and individualized resumes when working with our clients. In many instances, people assume that the term “resume writer” can be applied to anyone. However, leaving your future in the hands of someone who is not an expert can cost you more than just the initial consulting fees. 

For example, when considering a new vehicle purchase, the product you get from a Toyota dealership won’t be the same as a Mercedes dealership. For some people, a Toyota is their ideal vehicle, but they probably won’t find what they are looking for if they go to a Mercedes dealer. The same goes for resume writing. 

Working with someone who doesn’t have expertise or individualized strategies will result in a completely different resume than working with a skilled team with decades of industry experience. Some might provide a typed-out list and call it a resume, some might market “skills based” resumes, which are simply outdated chronological resumes, and others, like Resumes with Results, are elite career marketers. This is why it is vital to choose the most qualified and right team for your needs. 

Our team is skilled in the art of communication, and through our trusted relationships with our clients we discover their strengths, assets, attributes, and abilities. 

At Resumes with Results, we do not just write resumes, we market careers! Our skills-based resumes offer you a chance to be evaluated by your skills, qualifications, talents, and value to the company. Not only is our approach different from the rest, but so is the result. 

When you partner with Resumes with Results for your next career move, we work together to discover your objective and cater your resume to meet those specific goals. While other resume writers offer packages to choose from (which are often generic templates), every one of our resumes is crafted based on the individual client’s specifications. We do not offer templates, packaged deals, or have hidden fees.

Today, most resumes are submitted electronically. This means that before a human reviews it, companies use Applicant Tracking Systems(ATS) to increase efficiency. An ATS will scan resumes, picking up on specific keywords and criteria. This allows recruiters to focus on the top-ranking candidates. While this is an efficient service, it is not always accurate. In some instances, qualified individuals can be overlooked due to the lack of relevant keywords.  

As career marketers, we are experts in writing a cohesive resume that stands strong within ATS software. While many people can guess obvious keywords that may be included by reading the job posting, that is only a small part of successfully getting your resume through. There are often words that are much less obvious and that is why working with a professional, who can uncover those key words, will help get your resume past the ATS and in front of a human being. 

Curious what it is like working with our team?  Book a free consultation with us and find out first-hand how we are different than other resume writing companies. We provide the best product possible, and we will work diligently to support you throughout the process.