When applying for a job, did you ever feel like you are going nowhere fast? Days, weeks and sometimes months can pass before you get that call for an interview. That is lost income that will never be recovered. Sure, it is easy to say that others that are more qualified than yourself got that interview you wanted, but in fact it is usually that your resume did not qualify you sufficiently. There was a time when anyone could type up a list of their job history and it would work well. Then the world changed. Where you used to work might be interesting, but only tells the reader what you were capable of doing in that capacity. What they really want to know is what will you be able to do for them! Chronological resumes, by nature, only indicate your past, not your future value. That’s where a skills-based resume bridges that employment quagmire. In the upcoming posts, we will shine a glaring spotlight on some of the mysteries and hidden pitfalls you need to know in order to get that dream job.