When hiring a professional resume writing service, there are several factors to consider. One factor to be aware of is additional costs, or hidden fees. When you work with Resumes with Results, your cost only includes the product, which is the resume. Additional support, services, and resources are free.

We extend our assistance into many areas of employment for no additional charge. Below is a sampling of these services:

Cover letters

When requested, cover letters play an important role as they are used to introduce you to the hiring manager while providing a brief overview of your accomplishments and qualifications. They are often sent in conjunction with your resume to help connect your skills to the requirements of the job in which you are applying for.

Letters of Reference

Letters of reference are used to endorse someone’s skills and attributes and are written by an individual who is familiar with their experience, character, and achievements. In this day and age, letters of references have become more important than ever before. They can be very crucial in marketing your skills and qualifications during the application process.

Submission Process

You likely have questions regarding the submission process. At Resumes with Results, we want to make the process as seamless and stress free as possible, therefore, our team offers our clients insight into the process and offers tips on how to make it effective.

Did you know? For a variety of reasons, over ninety-five percent of all online applications get filtered directly to trash. Let us give you the tools to help avoid becoming part of this statistic.


This can often be the most stressful part of the job search journey. Whether you have not been interviewed in several years or are going to be interviewed for the very first time, Resumes with Results will support you along the way with no hidden fees.

Since many of our clients find this process intimidating, we offer advice on many topics which have included dress, behaviour, salary negotiations and how to handle difficult questions.

LinkedIn Profile

Referred to as “the world’s largest professional network,” your LinkedIn profile is your best tool to draw attention to the value you can bring into an organization. It can often be a company’s first look at your talents before seeing a resume and you want them to be impressed enough to contact you as a first step in the recruitment process.

In recent years, LinkedIn has become a great resource for companies to seek out suitable candidates even before posting a job vacancy on the internet. A proper LinkedIn profile is invaluable in promoting your talents to a potential employer and can attract the interest of companies seeking someone with your exact skill set. LinkedIn is the place to indicate the value you can be to an employer and the tools you possess to help them achieve their goals, all of which we can help you with.

LinkedIn is the place to indicate the value you can be to an employer and the tools you possess to help them achieve their goals, all of which we can help you with.

When working with our team, we assist in finding suitable solutions for any issue or question you may have. Our additional free services are not time limited, within reason. Resumes with Results often speaks with human resourcing professionals in major industries and strives to maintain a finger on the pulse of employment standards and trending.

We realize you may not require some of the items mentioned above but we have a large pool of resources available to address any matter you may require information or assistance with, and no hidden fees. If you have questions, require assistance with any of the topics covered in our blog, or another topic related to your job search, please contact us today.