Picture this scenario… 

You have been searching for a job for several months and have submitted your resume so many times that you have started to lose count. Getting frustrated because you have not received a single call back can make you feel that you are ready to give up!

If this situation sounds familiar, we can help. 

When you have supplied numerous resumes and have yet to hear anything back, your resume is not connecting with potential employers. In some cases, people may wait an entire year before analyzing what the issue may be, and this is far too long to wait. If after a month you have yet to spark interest, it is time to re-visit your resume. The silence from potential employers is a loud and clear message that your resume is not up to par. 

Many people write one resume and send it out to every employer. This is one of the worst mistakes you can make! It may be easier to keep sending out your resume, but you must tailor your resume to each job description. Looking for specific skills and experience is key, making it vital that your resume is effectively conveying the applicable skills to each job. We understand that this takes time and effort but is it necessary in your success; and it will pay off! 

If you continue to send out your resume, with no callback, this can often impact you negatively, taking its toll on your confidence and self esteem.  

How can we help?

Our team of wordsmiths will work with you to and ensure your resume stands out from the crowd. Our resumes not only read different, but they look different. Your resume should not be a cookie cutter, templated resume that looks like every other one in the pile. 

When you hire a writer who does not understand you, understand your skills, and does not put time into your resume, this will greatly hurt your job-hunting efforts. However, this is not our process. We work closely with you, and the job you are applying for so that your resume conveys your skills and your value.  

It is important to shop around for resume writers who truly care about you, and your success. In our many years of business, we continue to pride ourselves on being in-tune with our clients so that we can craft a resume specifically fitted for you.  

Are you ready to take a magnifying glass to your resume? Contact our team today and let us help get your phone ringing!