Submitting your resume can be daunting. With a tight job market during this pandemic and an incredible amount of job applications, getting your resume to the top of the pile may seem more difficult than ever. However, as many things change over time, so is the way in which managers and organizations are looking to hire. One such change is coming to LinkedIn, which complements our skills-based resumes perfectly. 

What is a skill?  

Merriam Webster defines a skill as: “a learned power of doing something competently; a developed aptitude of ability.” When we craft resumes, we focus on the skills our client possesses, as well as listing their work history. This type of resume supersedes a chronological resume, as it highlights your value as well as your expertise.  

We are excited that LinkedIn will be launching a new initiative, which will help improve the hiring process for job seekers and businesses. In a recent Forbes article, LinkedIn Commits To Skills-Based Hiring To Help Both Job Seekers And Companies In Need Of Workers In A Hot Job Market, we are given insight into the changes being made on the popular social media platform.  

LinkedIn will soon offer a focus on skills-first, where individuals can be assessed on the skills they possess and how those can be applied to the job for which they are applying. 

Hari Srinivasan, Vice President of Product Management at LinkedIn Talent Solutions, states the importance of shifting to a skills-first mindset, saying that “skill sets for jobs have changed around 25% since 2015. By 2027, this number is expected to double.” 

The platform has over 800 million members, and LinkedIn recognizes the value in showcasing the skills individuals have to offer. While some people may not have the exact experience needed to meet the expectations of a company, they may have the exact skill set to be successful in the position.  

People can be taught, and skills can be honed, which makes this new initiative promising for both parties. According to the Forbes article, “LinkedIn members added 268 million skills to their profiles in 2021, up 22% from the year prior. In 2021 alone, LinkedIn helped more than 47 million people learn skills for in-demand roles and around 400,000 companies make skill-based hires.” 

With LinkedIn Recruiter, skills will be showcased front and center. This will allow organizations the ease of searching and filtering required skills and, soon, users will be able to add applicable skills to their job experience. 

Our team understands the importance of knowing the worth of our clients, and our resumes reflect this.  Just over 35 years ago, Resumes with Results pioneered the first true skills-based resume, which has increased in popularity and acceptance in the world of employment due to it being a minimum of 85% more effective than a chronological resume. We are pleased to see the current trend of human resourcing moving to a skills-based platform and the impact it has in improving human resourcing strategies. 

People are much more than their work history, and skills should most certainly be considered throughout the hiring process. Contact us today, and let us discuss how we can help you.