Writing an effective resume does not come without challenges. No matter the industry in which you work, there are certain skills, abilities, knowledge, or experience that you may not recognize you have. We especially notice this when working with individuals who are navigating the military-to-civilian resume process.

The military fits into a category where individuals are trained specifically in certain areas. In many instances, when it comes time to transition into the civilian workforce, people feel like they do not fit into other industries. This, however, is a mindset rather than a fact. For those moving from military to civilian life, the outlook looks much different. Having a writer, who is ex-military, can offer these individuals the expertise needed to navigate these uncharted waters.

Many different trades make up the military, from mechanics to communications to medical personnel. You are taught what you need to know to do your job in the military. These skills you develop during time in the military can be applied to civilian jobs because they are directly and indirectly transferable.

The greatest challenge is your mindset! Often, ex-military do not know where to use their skills and believe they do not have experience that applies to the civilian world. When you work with our writers, it is our job to uncover not only your applicable skills, but also your worth and value. We have worked with many clients who we are able to relate to on a different level, because of firsthand experience. When someone who has been in the military is speaking to ex-military, there is an unspoken understanding. We can recognize what is not being said, just as much as what is being said.

The skills learned in the military are useful, but it is the transferrable skills that make a difference. It is important to build relationships with our clients so that we can focus on these additional skills and highlight the value you can bring to the position. Working closely with someone who is ex-military is a bonus. We can read between the lines, as there can be much that is implied without communicating. Our skills-based resumes not only allow us to craft a resume that fits your unique situation, but they also educate potential employers on how you will be beneficial to their organization.

No matter the level of military, you have the skill set that sets you apart, and you will bring qualities that the average person does not. When people reach out to a professional resume writing service, they commonly think chronological resume, and do not know about our skills-based resumes. The goal of an exceptional resume writer is to educate people about not only about the job, but their potential as well.

Other resume writers are focused on templates and do not take the time to understand how to craft a resume that fits an individual’s unique skills and position. We believe strongly in the statement, it is not what you say, but how you say it, that is critically important!

If you are making the transition and have questions about navigating the military to civilian resume process, give us a call. Our expertise will help you uncover opportunities you may not have considered, and we look forward to helping you.