In our many years of professional resume writing, we have heard this countless times. We often work with clients who have either written their own resume or have had their resume written by someone else. These resumes yield little to no success and can understandably lead to frustration. Over the next few weeks, we want to talk about several things you can do to find success despite your level of work experience.

We know that there are multiple layers to finding a job, and our team understands how to work with these varying aspects. Today, we will talk to those with no work experience. Perhaps you are a high school graduate or have taken some time off academia and are now looking for a new job to gain knowledge and experience. 

Whether you have no work-related background, limited practice, or are looking to change careers, our skills-based resumes are perfect to bridge those gaps. Our skills-based resumes effectively present, not just your skills, but your knowledge, abilities, and any transferrable experiences.

While it can seem intimidating to put together a resume when you have limited experience, we promise our team can help! We can almost guarantee the problem with your resume is that it follows the format of a chronological resume. This type of resume focuses on work experience rather than the skills and abilities you possess.  Chronological resumes cannot detail the experience that you do not have.

We suggest printing off the job description and go through it with a fine-toothed comb. The job description is where you will find almost all the vital details as to what the company or organization is seeking. A skills-based resume is key for those with no experience, as we can use relatable abilities that you possess to show how you can step into that role. Also, entry-level positions do look for your potential and know that you do not have the necessary experience yet. They prefer to train you so that you are a perfect fit.

Use your resume as a marketing tool to showcase your abilities and potential effectively. This document is your first (and often only chance!) to effectively express the talents you have and how these will benefit the position. Success is not always defined by experience, but rather, in the tools you possess that will help you succeed. In many instances, an individual’s character will get them a position over their experience.

This is where a skills-based resume will work in your favour, as it focuses on vital abilities rather than a laundry list of experiences. You may not realize it, but you likely already maintain tools that will support the needs of the company. 

As career marketers, we work closely with a variety of clients to understand what the job position requires. Combine this with a free consultation, and our experience in a plethora of industries, we will help guide you towards success. If you have questions regarding your resume, contact our team today!  Stay tuned for part two next week, when we will discuss approaching the job market with limited experience.