We understand the many layers that are attached to searching for a job. Last week, we discussed how we can help you with your resume when you have no work experience. For some, you may have a little experience, but feel it is insufficient. So, today, we want to chat about how we can help you find work, even with limited work experience.

There are several instances where you may feel you have qualifications, but not necessarily the ones described in the job description. However, you possess more than you think. Often, individuals read over the posting, and immediately push it aside because they believe they do not have the necessary tools to secure a job interview. But we are here to tell you that you should not let that hold you back.

If you are a recent graduate from a post secondary institution with a degree, or someone who has completed a trades program, you are an ideal candidate in many instances. To the contrary, new graduates are often viewed as someone who has potential despite not having the necessary experience. This is because organizations recognize that these individuals are eager to learn and can be trained and molded to the needs and wants of the company.

Whether you are a university graduate, or have completed a trade, practicums and placements make a world of difference, and are ideal for a skills-based resume. You may not realize how much experience you gained. We can help you uncover all the skills you garnered during this time, and how they relate to the job in which you are applying for.

Gone are the days of creating a chronological list of your work history. Skills-based resumes, while they have gained popularity in recent years, are still unknown to many people. When you hire our team, we look much deeper than your list of work. We consult and work with you to highlight the skills you have to potential employers.

Building your network is also a key component to finding a job with limited work experience. Ensure your LinkedIn profile reflects your strengths and take advantage of your connections to endorse your skills. You are marketing yourself, so be sure to set yourself up for success online, as well as in person.

Next week, we will discuss how to get hired after an extended break, or career change. If you have questions about your resume and how you can uncover your skill set, contact our team today. We look forward to helping you with your resume, as well as your LinkedIn profile!