Job listings do not take a vacation during the summer months. Many people believe that job seeking is a less fruitful venture during the months of July and August. At Resumes with Results, we think that using these months can be extremely beneficial to your success. Summertime can be used to not only continue to look for jobs, but also ensure your resume is up to par. Let us discuss some advantages to looking for a job during the summer.

Less competition

During summer many people are under the misconception that everyone is in vacation mode and not actively looking for new employees during July and August. However, jobs become available during every month of the year. Therefore, it is in your best interest to stay active and involved in your job seeking ventures. This season also gives you the opportunity to shine through a smaller crowd.

One step ahead

Companies do not take time off from recruiting people to their organization. This means that, while they may not be hiring immediately, they may be looking to fill positions for the months of September and October. We suggest using the summer months to get yourself prepared. July and August are the perfect months to update your resume or have a new one created for you.

Socializing season

While things start to open in Edmonton, using the next couple of months to network is an added benefit to your job seeking process. Use summer to attend as many events as possible and to meet as many people as possible. You never know who you will cross paths with, and how those connections may help your job search in the future. Be sure to have your goals and intentions well mapped out. This way, if given the opportunity to discuss career paths and/or changes, you can communicate your goals clearly.

If the summer job listings are not exactly what you are looking for, use the next month to situate yourself for the fall market.

Consider the following:

  • Research current trends and organizations you are interested in working for
  • Reach out to your network and discuss opportunities that may be on the horizon
  • Most importantly, ensure your resume is ready to be distributed at a moment’s notice

We are wordsmiths and can help you with the last step! You would not want to find the perfect job listing and miss the deadline because your resume is not prepared.

While we hope you continue to enjoy the summer months (because it is never long enough!) we also want to make sure you are always equipped. Let us discuss your career objectives and craft a resume that is sure to help garner positive results.