Like most of everything in the world, resumes change and evolve. As industry trends shift, it is important to ensure that your resume composition best reflects you as a potential and valuable employee. The composition has great impact on your success.  This is why, at Resumes with Results, we focus on building effective, skills-based resumes. Our skills-based resumes are much different than chronological resumes and we are positive that once you see the difference yourself, you will never look back.

Chronological Resume

People are very familiar with the old term chronological resume. The popular job search website, Indeed, defines a chronological resume as: “a resume format that prioritizes relevant professional experience and achievements.” While this format has been around for a long time, that does not mean that it is the best. In fact, we would argue otherwise! It is very much outdated by today’s standards. The biggest problem with a chronological resume is that its focus is on your work history rather than your value. For example, if you have a gap in work history, chronological resumes will work against you. A chronological resume is lacking in critical components which is required by today’s human resourcing. Also, chronological resumes do not work well with the Applicant Tracking System. So, while work experience is certainly important, chronological resumes are not designed to market your value and do not apply to all job applications. Since employers are looking for skills that best suit the needs specific to the position and organization, what you need is a resume that highlights your skills, abilities, knowledge, and experience.

Skills-Based Resume

Now, let us talk about the skills-based resume which you might be less familiar with, but we assure you, it is one you should get to know. Resumes with Results pioneered the skills-based resume over 35 years ago. Our team is skilled in the art of communication, and through our trusted relationships with our clients we discover their strengths, assets, attributes, and abilities. All this vital information is then uniquely crafted into a skills-based resume, which captures your value, and so much more, in one document. This allows the ability to tailor your resume to any job posting with little time and effort. While a chronological resume can feature added skills, it is not the same as a true skills-based resume. It is important to note that skills-based resumes are a minimum of 85% more effective and often cost less than chronological resumes.

Our talented team is ready to get you started on your skills-based resume. It is time to put the chronological resume in the past and move forward with a resume that focuses on your value.