When it comes to your resume, the tiniest mistake can take you out of the running for your dream job. You want to ensure that your resume gives the best first impression and, to do that, it is vital that it is not full of errors. Today, let us discuss a few resume flaws you should avoid.

No customization 

While it is easy to use the same resume for each job posting, this is a mistake. Your resume should be customized to the individual position. It should be catered to your skills and accomplishments which fit the qualifications being sought. Carefully read the job posting, look for key points, and be sure to highlight these. If you are unsure about keywords, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), or customizing your resume, our team of wordsmiths are happy to assist.

Not expressing accomplishments 

Whenever possible, use facts to support your accomplishments. As opposed to claiming that you increased overall revenue, clearly state specifically how you were successful. For example, consider: “Increased revenue by 12% over a period of six months by implementing a fresh marketing plan.” Hiring managers prefer these statements over vague recollections from previous roles.

Overusing buzz words 

Terms such as “team player,” “hard-working,” and “motivated,” are exhaustive and cliche. Rather than claiming that you are a team player, focus on a successful collaboration you took part in. You need to show the hiring manager why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Not proofreading 

Finally, you must, without exception, proofread your resume. Whenever possible, utilize a third party to review your documents, as you can often overlook errors in your own writing. Consider hiring a professional; our team of writers will edit your resume to avoid these resume flaws.

There are many pitfalls to avoid when applying for a new position. Remembering these tips will make you a stronger applicant and showcase your skills.