For most people, it is challenging to market yourself. We often sell ourselves short, downplay successes, or feel arrogant for highlighting specific skills. However, when it comes to your executive resume, knowing and marketing your value is key to success. Use this as an opportunity to embrace everything you have accomplished and focus on the value you have added and will add to a potential business or organization. In a pile of resumes that simply list duties and responsibilities, you want an executive resume that showcases your skills.  

Provide Proof  

When it comes to marketing your value, you can’t simply say you have done something without being able to back it up with supporting evidence. Potential employers want to know what you have achieved that has had a positive impact on the business or organization.  

In terms of an executive resume, metrics and numbers are your best friend. You want to ensure you state what you have done with specifics and avoid using vague or generic terms that are often used by everyone. Asking yourself “how much?” or “how many?” or “how often?” will help you determine what should be included on your resume. For example, rather than stating that you increased revenue, say that you increased revenue by (specific amount) for (specific project) and completed in (specific timeline).  

These statements will increase your value add, while demonstrating to potential employers that you not only have the skills but are also able to apply them to achieve specific goals.  

Understand your Value  

Often, preparing a resume can be challenging as we don’t understand the value we bring to a position. Therefore, take some time reflecting and gaining a better grasp on the things you have already accomplished and the ways in which you have been able to use your expertise to add value. 

Being able to understand your value, will allow you to better convey that through your resume and the interview process as well. You can make a list of your successes, write down examples of work or projects you are proud of, and consider the job you are applying for and how what you have done aligns with the company.  

Be Confident  

Rather than thinking you are bragging about your success, own your accomplishments. You want to be confident in who you are and what you have done professionally.   

When crafting your resume, or preparing for an interview, the time you have spent understanding your value, will boost your confidence. It is important to remember that businesses or organizations don’t want to hire someone for an executive position who is unsure of their capabilities. Therefore, reframe your thinking and let your proof speak for itself on your resume without feeling that you are being arrogant.  

If you are unsure of where to start with your executive resume, our team can help. We will not only help you uncover your skills and value, but we will ensure it is conveyed effectively in your skills-based resume.