There is no question that the job application process can be daunting. This is true even for individuals who have worked in several different positions and have worked their way up the corporate ladder. In some instances, when applying for an executive position, your resume may require an update to include all the skills and expertise you have acquired throughout your career. If your resume hasn’t seen the light of day for years, it is likely time for a revamp. So, today, let’s discuss five benefits of hiring a professional resume writer to help with your executive resume.  


Professional resume writers come with a vast amount of knowledge, in a wide variety of industries. Executive positions are looking for specific skills, experience, and qualifications. Therefore, a professional can help navigate what is required and how best to market you to a potential employer. Our skills-based resumes are ideal for high level roles, certain to set you apart from the competition. When you hire a professional, you can remove the worry that your resume won’t effectively showcase your capabilities, and unique set of skills.  

Career Marketing  

When you hire Resumes with Results, we will not only craft a resume specific to the position you are applying for, but we will market you and the value you bring to a business or organization. We understand how to highlight your strengths, achievements and skills in a way that will help you stand out. Keeping your personal brand in mind, we will ensure your resume reflects who you are, and what you will bring to the executive position. Your career goals and target roles are important to us, and we want you to obtain a well-crafted resume that establishes you as a top candidate.  

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)  

We are never surprised when we work with clients who don’t know anything about the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). However, knowing how to work with an ATS gives your resume the best opportunity to get in front of a hiring manager. Many large organizations use an ATS to manage and filter through resumes using unique keywords, skills, and qualifications. Professional resume writers, such as us, have a vast knowledge about ATS best practices. We will optimize your resume by strategically incorporating the necessary keywords in a way that appeals to an ATS and a human being.   

Time Savings  

Many people don’t realize the time and effort that goes into writing a well-crafted executive resume. One can’t simply copy and paste a list of skills and expect to land a high-level position. Rather, it takes time, research, and attention to detail. Instead of spending time that could be utilized elsewhere, hiring a professional resume writer helps alleviate the stress associated with putting together a resume. It also saves you precious hours and energy.   

Value Add  

One key issue with a chronological resume is that it focuses on your work history rather than your value. A chronological resume is lacking in critical components required by today’s human resourcing, and they do not work well with the Applicant Tracking System. On the other hand, skills-based resumes capture your value. Our team is skilled in the art of communication, and through our trusted relationships with our clients, we discover their strengths, assets, attributes, and abilities. All this vital information is then uniquely crafted into a skills-based resume.  

Of course, hiring a professional resume writer for your executive resume should be taken seriously. Be sure to do your research on different companies before you hire the first one you find or the cheapest. Consider your executive resume as an investment in your future, and one we are certain you won’t regret. Would you like to know more about skills-based resumes and how they can benefit your career goals? Contact our team today, and let’s get started.