We know writing your resume can be an intimidating task. There are many factors to consider, such as what to include or how to market yourself. However, there is one important question you should ask yourself before you write a resume or hire a professional resume writerWhat is your objective?

To discover your main goal, you should consider the following steps before starting.

Understanding your strengths

What are your strengths?  What would you consider the ideal job for yourself? What are your values and non-negotiables? It is important to understand what you want most from the position you are applying for and ensure it fits with your wants and your needs. Employing the help of a career coach might be beneficial and/or exploring skills assessments can be helpful in defining your objective.

Navigate the market

While this step may not be as exciting as getting to know yourself, it is equally important. Labour market information offers many resources that help define what area and industry you are interested in working. From who is hiring to which regions are excelling in employment, there are many benefits of researching the market that will be useful to you.

Research companies

A fantastic way to discover where you want to work, is to research as many organizations as possible. What are their values? What is the team environment like? What is their mission statement? How do these companies align with your skills as well as your personality and lifestyle?

If you are able, reach out to people within the industry to ask questions about the work environment and if they can suggest a contact or supply a referral. Doing your research prior to applying to a position allows you to have a better understanding of key words to include on your resume, specific skills they are seeking and gives you the confidence to know you will be a good fit for the organization.

A well-crafted resume plays a key role in the success of securing a job. However, there are many steps before and after writing your resume that need to be considered to ensure your objective is met. At Resumes with Results, we pride ourselves in building strong relationships with our clients. We uncover your abilities so that we can create the best possible resume for you.