Technology can be wonderful and helpful in many aspects. From connecting with people all over the world, to seeking out resources online, online tools are beneficial and help make our lives easier. If you aren’t familiar with the term ChatGPT we would like to briefly talk about what it is, and how it can impact your resume. While some advancements in technology may help improve the hiring process, such as the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), ChatGPT may be more detrimental to your success.  

What is ChatGPT  

The artificial intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT, is the latest technology that has the internet buzzing. ChatGPT is answering questions and taking instructions from users in a conversational, human-like way. According to OpenAI’s website, it was trained with “reinforcement learning from human feedback.”  

The website also states: “We trained an initial model using supervised fine-tuning: human AI trainers provided conversations in which they played both sides—the User and an AI Assistant.”  

How does it work?  

ChatGPT is powered by large amounts of data and computing techniques. ChatGPT gives the user the ability to apply a variety of worded prompts; from simple questions to requests about a specific topic. Whether it be writing a short poem, or a screen play, ChatGPT has a plethora of knowledge. However, while it is extremely intelligent, ChatGPT does have its limitations. It can give incorrect information, and if a prompt contains too much content, the system can confuse or mix up certain details. Since ChatGPT sources its information off of the internet, it is extremely possible that it may incorporate intentional or accidental information, which is completely wrong. 

“39 percent of HR professionals said the use of AI tech during hiring is a dealbreaker.”

a recent study reported by Mashable

What does it mean for your resume?  

While it seems like a simple and helpful tool to ask ChatGPT to write your resume, we would advise otherwise. As mentioned, while ChatGPT offers a plethora of knowledge, it isn’t without its faults. From not understanding what is required in a modern resume to including inaccurate information to using outdated formats.  Having a robot generate your resume won’t get you ahead of the competition.  

In a recent study reported by Mashable, “47 percent of college seniors are interested in using ChatGPT or other AI bots to write their resumes or cover letter. 25 percent of Gen Z have already used an AI bot to help write their resume or cover letter.” Just as we believe ChatGPT isn’t the solution to crafting your resume or cover letter, we aren’t alone in our thinking. According to the same Mashable article, “39 percent of HR professionals said the use of AI tech during hiring is a dealbreaker.”  

As with any information online, ChatGPT is not a flawless system, and it’s likely that the bot will write resumes and cover letters the old-fashioned way, which is not conducive to getting in front of the hiring manager. Human connection is something our team prides ourselves on. We build trusted relationships with our clients, which allows us to have a clear understanding of your goals, skills, and value add. This is something that can’t be replaced by artificial intelligence, no matter how smart it is! We are also experts in skills-based resumes, which is a much different, more effective and current style of resume.   

So, while it may be tempting to use ChatGPT for your next resume or cover letter, we would suggest you call our team first. Let us ensure that your resume reflects your abilities and allows you to put your best foot forward in your job search journey.