A common question we often receive is: I am changing careers, but I’m not getting interviews. Can you help?” And, while the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Please do not fall victim to false guarantees many companies try to sell you. It is important to understand that finding a job has many key steps, and your resume is only the first you should begin with. Read on to see how we can help you get an interview.

Whether changing careers, or simply trying to land your first job, you will likely run into the same roadblock:  no relevant work history that shows your value and why you deserve to be interviewed. You may have an outdated resume, using a format that is no longer desirable, or does not market you in a way that shows your strengths and skills. This is where our unique skills-based resumes come into play. 

A chronological resume shows where a person has worked, and the accomplishments they earned while doing said job. The problem with this type of resume is that it does not serve those who may have little to no experience, are changing careers, have large gaps in your work history, or are seeking your first job. A skills-based resume is powerful in that it showcases your value based on skills, abilities, knowledge, and experience; all of which relate to the type of employment in which you are searching for. Everyone is employable, and our talented wordsmiths will show that to potential employers.

Linda did a fantastic job in helping me change my career path. She helped me take the skills that I had learned over the past 10 years and craft them into a resume that spoke to employers. After working with her I was able to find the job I was looking for and would not hesitate in recommending her services.

-N. Scott

We understand that a skills-based resume might be new to you, and you may have questions about our process and why we believe so strongly in our product. We invite you to contact us for a consultation, so we may discuss what makes us different, and why choosing our team will benefit you personally and professionally. Our thirty years in the industry allows us to offer expertise in many industries, build strong relationships with our clients, and work toward a common goal; to craft the best resume possible for each client.

We look forward to working with you!

What a wonderful experience working with Linda and Doug at Resume with Results. The resume they provided was beyond my imagination and really showcased my skills. If you haven’t heard of a skills-based resume or are at all uncertain – rest assured that this resume will be one of your most important job search tools. Much beyond that was the experience of working with Linda and the support I felt. Truly blessed to have had this experience and I now feel ready for my future career!

-D. Drouin